5 Quick Fire Questions With… Kelly Lundberg

With a reputation as one of the most diverse business entrepreneurs in the region, Kelly Lundberg is renowned for being an award-winning stylist, business mentor, and international speaker. We sat down with her to chat about the shift to sustainable fashion, her top tips on creating the perfect capsule wardrobe, and what it takes to cultivate a successful online presence today. Kelly Lundberg has generously donated some of her items and you can click here to have a look at her collection. 


You are clearly so passionate about what you do, especially when it comes to empowering women and imparting your expertise and knowledge. How has your business evolved over the years and whats next for you?

It’s important to be aware that as our knowledge grows we are all constantly evolving, enhancing our experiences, defining better what we can offer and who we can help along our own individual journeys. 

I sold my styling agency back in 2019, which then allowed me to focus on the next chapter of my career helping entrepreneurs grow their personal brand for maximum financial return.

In business YOU are your best asset, yet so many hide behind what they do in fear of judgement or lack of confidence. I want to change this!  Through my learning and my practical experiences, I help clients grow their credibility, likeability and trust and develop an online presence that they are proud off.


How would you describe your personal style, and given the huge shift to WFH, have you noticed it changing a lot over the last 12 months?

There is no doubt that the last 12 months has been challenging for us all in so many ways.  I found it incredibly important to make an effort on a daily basis about how I viewed each day. I have always known that what I wear has a propound impact on how I show up. I always want to be present as the best version of myself.

My style has moved more on a day-to-day basis too. Being minimal and neutral ensures that everything mix N matches. Sure, there are days I pop on a pretty dress, but less is more. In lockdown I focused a lot on skincare and make up, both of which contributes to showing up effortlessly styled.


The narrative around sustainable fashion is finally starting to shift from a background conversation to a more central focus for a lot of brands. Why do you think this is happening now, and how do you think we can be smarter with our own consumption habits?

No matter where we look, whether it’s in the shops or in fashion magazines the buzz word is all about sustainable fashion. For a long time sustainable clothing conjured up images of unflattering and somewhat less than wearable styles. Now more than ever we are looking at sustainable fashion and ways to explore how we can make a difference, making our wardrobes become more planet-friendly. Whilst here in the Middle East we haven’t quite caught up with other countries that have high street initiatives that allow us to recycle our well-loved clothes there are still ways were we can make a difference. Organising clothes swaps with friends can be a fun way to recycle, or better still, when looking to add in new pieces to your wardrobe why not invest in transitional pieces? Without the need to compromise on style, you can easily now look at brands that are taking positive steps to minimise the industry’s carbon footprint and implement ethical practices.  Both the high street and boutiques are offering us exciting options.


What are your top tips when it comes to curating the perfect capsule wardrobe? i.e. the style staples we all need in our lives!

I can’t live without a blazer; they dress up a casual look and are needed in the cool A/C malls. But the key to the perfect capsule wardrobe is different to everyone and also based on where they live (City Vs Country) (Hot climate Vs Cold Climate) so make sure whatever you choose works for you. The beauty of a capsule wardrobe is that it's so versatile, which means choosing simple pieces that you can wear time and time again.

A few basics for me that work really well (based on my lifestyle)

Jeans (get a style that works for you)

T-shirts (good fitting basic white / black)

Crop tops (I love these for under blazers)

Great fitting pair of trousers or skirt (depending on your style personality)

Feminine blouse or shirt

Shorts (I love shorts and wear a lot given the climate!)

A classy ‘go with everything’ gold necklace

A neutral bag

White sneakers

Simple heels /sandals

Check out this video I styled last year on neutrals to give you some style inspo



And finallyyoure stranded on a desert island. What would you take with you and why?

SPF for face, it’s all about skin care now I’ve reached my 40s! A great book that I will keep me inspired.


The Kelly Collection

Kelly has very kindly donated some of her items for our ‘Influencer Collection’ – check out some of the items below….

Reiss Off Shoulder Blue and Turquoise Floral Dress (Small)

Coast Floral Sweetheart Dress (Small)

Halston Heritage One Shoulder Yellow A Line Dress (Small)

Kelly Says: “One thing they have in common is pockets, I love a dress with pockets!”

 For the full collection, please click here.

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