Our Charity Project Updates & Raising 1 Million Dirhams

It has been a pretty incredible year. The support from the community has been overwhelming in terms of clearing out your used clothing, volunteering your time and shopping thrift! Today, we celebrate a great milestone of raising 1 million dirhams in revenues, and we want to celebrate the difference that this is making for children around the world with you!

We donate 100% of our profits to charity, which is roughly 50% of our total revenues after expenses. We are volunteer run and have many sponsors to keep our expenses as low as possible. These profits go to Gulf for Good and its children's charity projects around the world.

Here's a look at the impact we have had so far with your help!

Basecamp / Baytna Baytak in Lebanon

We have raised AED8,647 for this project in Fall 2020 before we opened the store (initiative approved by IACAD 3223).

Following the devastating blast in Beirut last year, these hard earned funds raised in our early days are helping children in Lebanon get back into school by paying school fees directly to the schools. This project is reaching 45 students in between Beirut and Tripoli and is being implemented by Basecamp/Baytna Baytak.

See more information here.

Chicuchas Wasi in Peru

Between November 2020 and May 2021, we raised an awesome AED109,605 for Chicuchas Wasi rural girls school in Peru!

Chicuchas Wasi School for Girls provides free, primary education, emphasizing personal development, empowerment, and academics. Chicuchas Wasi School maintains a big presence in the community with cultural celebrations, supporting social issues and women’s issues and to spread the value and importance of education for girls.

With the COVID pandemic, the families of the 300 beautiful students have been suffering with keeping food on the table. Chicuchas Wasi is doing a great job creating and maintaining distance education for these girls, but without food, these children are unable to focus on their schooling. The funds we have donated have provided food distribution to the students and their families to get them through this especially hard time.

See more information here.

Initiatives approved by IACAD licenses 3072 and 3523


The International Association for Transformation in the Kalinga Province, the Philippines

In June 2021, we sent AED27,230 to IAT Philippines for student sponsorship in the Northern Kalinga province. This is an excellent program that serves underprivileged youth with "scholarships". Phrasing the funding like this gives the students confidence to really thrive and become community leaders. 

IAT also runs a Montessori primary school and is actively involved with peace building and economic development for local communities.

See more information here.

These funds were privately donated, but we can't resist telling you about this cool project!

Larchfield Kids in Mkuranga Tanzania

From May to the end of August, the project we are supporting is Larchfield Children's Home in Tanzania, supporting 30 lovely little kids from the streets to have a safe and loving home. The vision is to grow this home to 300 with a school to effectively change the course of the future for the next generation of children.

We have so far raised and donated AED125,497.50 for this project with thanks to you!

See more information here. This has been approved by IACAD license number 3920.

Gulf for Good's Unrestricted Funds

AED233,923 has been privately donated to Gulf for Good for unrestricted funds. No charity should run without funds for their overheads, a safety net and pot of security to turn to for its projects in the future. As our hearts are all here to help children, and to ensure the sustainability of that going forward, we have decided to hold this money to the side for now. We have helped to take off the financial strain and threat of closing doors. We are so proud that we can help Gulf for Good achieve lasting sustainability in this way.

See more about the great work that this empowers here.

Other Projects

  • On World Ocean's Day, we sponsored the equivalent of our day of profit of AED1,404 to Azraq for conservation efforts in the UAE.
  • AED414 has been donated to Tree Nation to plant 172 trees and offset our carbon emissions.

SOS Kyrgyzstan


The remote Ananyevo municipality in the Issyk-Kul region of Kyrgyzstan urgently needs a local meeting point to connect community members and boost learning and social activities. Our goal is to raise USD50,000 to build this centre on a plot of land that has been provided by the local government, and running costs to be managed by the municipality.

By building such a facility in this rural area, we will be improving the lives of 165 vulnerable families, 180 children and 12,000 inhabitants of the surrounding villages. The community centre is not just a physical structure, but also provides a space where parents receive training courses to increase their employability and parental skills and help with daily challenges. It will also serve as a venue where children play, learn and do their homework, as well as a hub for cultural and sports events.

By shopping with us from September - November, you will be supporting this amazing charity to reach this goal.

Our goal is USD24,212 or AED88,858. Help us reach this!

See more information here.


Want to see our finances? Take a look at them here: Thrift for Good Monthly Financial Statements

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