DIY Hacks to Repurpose Old Clothes!

Author: Pooja Agrawal. Pooja shares some DIY hacks to breathe new life into old clothes!

An often overlooked part of being sustainable is the practice of repurposing old clothes at home. It is also a very effective way to indulge in your inner creativity! After careful research I have curated seven of my most favourite hacks in this blog:


  1. Don’t throw away stained clothes immediately – It can seem like a chore to try and get the stains off your clothes but there are actually a ton of lesser known, effective ways to help. Sharpies, for instance, are known to be great at helping with bleach stains! Shaving foam is particularly useful for makeup stains.
  2. Invest in and take advantage of accessories – Chances are you’re not bored of your clothes - just the way they are styled. This can easily be changed by investing in a quality tie or scarf and looking up 60 second videos on YouTube for innovative and fashionable knots. This is possibly the lowest effort tip to re-purpose your wardrobe and is guaranteed to leave you feeling better about your clothes.
  3. Cut off your jeans to make shorts – This one is pretty popular but I don’t think I could have made this list without including this tip. It may seem overrated owing to how commonplace it is, but it goes without saying that the same garment can have a distinctive look depending on the length.
  4. Tie dye! – There are tons of DIY tie dye kits out there that can completely change the look of your t-shirt. It is also a fun way to release stress, indulge in your creative side and create a whole new look!
  5. Sweater lampshades – If your sweater doesn’t fit you anymore, but you’re still fond of the aesthetic, you can cut around the edges and fit it to your lampshade for a unique, appealing and sustainable piece of home décor.
  6. Tops/Scarves to skirts – There are a ton of online tutorials that show, step by step, how to convert tops/scarves into pleated/wrap skirts. Naturally, once you get the hang of this, there’s no telling what you can do with a beautiful scarf; the possibilities truly are endless.
  7. Shoes – Shoes are an underrated asset to the right outfit. Pick up a pair of old shoes and get to decorating it with chalks or other kinds of paints! 

These are just some of the more basic tips to help you get started right away. Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram are truly your best friends as you embark on this crusade to re-purpose old clothes, and save the environment in the process.

Some responses have been edited by the TFG team for length/clarity.

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