Help us Fund a Farm for The Sparkle Foundation in Zomba, Malawi!

When you shop Thrift for Good, 100% of the profits are donating to meaningful children's charity projects in partnership with the local non-profit Gulf for Good.

Since January 2022, we have been fundraising for the Sparkle Foundation in Malawi!

The Sparkle Foundation's mission is to drive positive change within the charity sector through the delivery of a sustainable and replicable best-practice community model. They have two schools in the Zomba district which serve 350 young primary school students.

Our project is to fund a farm! The Sparkle Foundation serves underpriveledged children who would not be able to afford schooling otherwise. Many of the parents work the odd jobs they can during the table to put food on the table at night. However, this means that the children don't necessarily get access to a meal every day. Children need food for their brains to develop and grow in a healthy way, and also to have the energy to learn as effectively as they can. So, the Sparkle Foundation provides its students with a daily meal programme.

With an impending food crisis on the horizon, food costs are going up in Malawi. This represents significant ongoing costs for the Foundation.

By funding a farm, The Sparkle Foundation can save on this cost, ensure that can sustainably continue to feed the children, and raise revenues by selling the extra produce at market.

We have so far raised AED258,237 for this beautiful project and only have AED65,000 to go! Please help us get there by shopping with us, decluttering your clothing and/or volunteering your time! We couldn't do it without you.

This initiative is approved by IACAD, license number 40519.


Check out the video here:

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