In Conversation with Tribe
This week Thrift for Good chat to Tribe about how the brand started and their beautiful sustainable collections. To find out more about Tribe or visit their store in Al Quoz click here.

Tribe represents our passion for handmade, organic and sustainable goods and a love for sourcing products, meeting with the artisans and supporting the continuation of their timeless skills. Ethical trade is the core of our business principle. It must be good for the environment, good for the artisan and good for the community.

Why are we called Tribe?

Jo, the founder, wanted a name that expressed the essence of her home-grown brand which is a collection of pieces that come from travelling to communities of artisans round the world, who are working together as a group. The communities of artisans we support, our clients, friends, and suppliers are all people who share our passion for fair-trade, our values, and our love for hand-made. When you work or collaborate with us you feel like part of the family, or Tribe.

What inspired us to start Tribe Dubai?

We saw an opportunity to have a new point of view and like us, found that people were looking for something unique, a more relaxed, elegant, chic/casual feel that reflects and works in harmony with our amazing coastal environment of Dubai.

We at Tribe, have a preference for handmade items, why do we think they are so special?

Each item is meticulously hand-made slowly by artisan’s hands making each piece different to the next. They all carry a different story, the story of the artisan and the reflection of a rural place it was made. Furthermore we want to support old crafts and communities in rural areas and that is why we focus on hand-made.

Why is sustainability and ethical sourcing important to Tribe?

We want our collection to look good, feel good and know it has done some good. We are so proud to represent wonderful brands and initiatives such as Armadillo & Co Rugs, 100% hand-made sustainable and certified Fair-Trade. This company provides employment for their ‘family’ of 1,500 weavers and sustains an industry of ancient craftsmen. It also supports education and local schools in their weavers villages, builds schools and a brighter future for children in these underprivileged communities. It is certified Kaleen which is the commitment that no child labour is used in the making of these rugs.

We are unique in what we do and the personal experience we bring to our clients.

Tribe also offers a styling service, home consultations, mood boards and design briefs for residential and commercial projects. Our bespoke services allow us to custom make furniture of our client’s dreams. We also organise seasonal workshops with artists and designers to give the opportunity for like-minded people in the community to meet and share their experiences.

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