Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Today is Father’s Day and if you are scrambling to get a gift for your pops, here are some little sparks of inspirations and gift ideas from Thrift for Good. 

Order in a lovely dinner 

Food is the way to a man’s heart, and that includes Dad’s! If today is going to be spontaneous, we recommend simply spending time at home and ordering in. Krush Brand owns and operates a series of health conscious, mission-oriented brands such as Freedom Pizza, Wildflower Poke, Coco Yogo Vegan Kitchen, Salad Jar and more. Nutritious and delicious, the only thing left to an amazing night with Dad is the movie you both pick, or the board game to choose! 

Wildflower Poke

(Photo: Wildflower Poke - TimeOut Dubai) 

Buy Dad a new wardrobe 

Lucky for you if you have an easy-going dad but for the rest of us, their fashion may be just a tiny bit difficult to navigate. So, we made things simpler by breaking it down for you. Here are some of Thrift for Good’s clothing picks for dads according to their personalities. 

For the fashionable dads: 

Some dads have style and it shows. Handsome or suave is likely to be their middle name. 

Pierre Cardin Men’s Blue Business Suit Jacket (Medium)

The Kooples Blue Wool Suit (Medium) 

Collared shirts to match the look: 

Balmain Paris Blue Striped Shirt (Small) 

Sacoor One Blue and White Men’s Shirt (Medium) 

TM Lewin Men’s White Collared Shirt (XXL)

Top it off with a Vintage YSL leather belt and a bold Pierre Cardin Red Suit Tie, your dad is ready to go. Try not to be too surprised if he turn heads and drop jaws! Dad’s got game after all.

For the brand conscious dads:

Some dads are high-maintenance. They might not be easy to please but we think these items are worth a shot. 

Fathers Day

Balmain Paris Navy Blue Shirt (Small) 

Boggi Milano Purple Zippered Sweater (Medium) 

Gucci Black Slim Fit Shirt (Medium) 

For the cool “I’m-not-like-other-dads” dads: 

These are dedicated to the fun ones, the carefree quirky dads that like to stand out. 

Father's Day

(Photo: freepik)

PSC Men’s Black Vest with Tribal Print (Large)

Scotch & Soda Mens Shorts (Medium) 

Guess Slim Fit Red Shirt (Medium) 

For the laid-back golf dads: 

They are chill, they are casual. The putting green is their scene. 

Father's Day

(Photo: freepik) 

Louis Vuitton Green Polo Shirt (XS) 

Dunning Golf Blue with White Stripes T-Shirt (Medium) 

Uniqlo Men’s Green Chino Shorts (Small) 

Choose a book for Dad
Fathers Day Books

(Photo: freepik)

With the time we spend indoors these days, a good ol’ book will always be appreciated.

We have curated a list of books that may interest your old man (joking, don’t call him that). Let him have a laugh about getting on with age, we recommend Wrinklies, Wit and Wisdom Forever! If comedy is his thing, perhaps You Took the Last Bus Home, a witty collection of hilarious poems about life will crack him up. 

If your papa is fascinated about other cultures, an interesting read would be Edible France - A Traveller’s Guide where he can learn and discover the delicacies of France by its regions. Or perhaps a guide book about Italy, Naples, may spur the adventurer in him! Otherwise, with extra time on his hands, why not encourage him to learn a new language? Greek, phrasebooks

Here are some other interesting books sieved out just for dads in different categories: 

Culture: Cultural shock, United Arab Emirates, Keep calm for Aussies 

Politics & Histories: Jeremy Hutchinson’s Case Histories, Killing Mr Lebanon, A History of Modern Lebanon, Masters of Chaos, Killer Elite 

Suspense Novels: Vicious Circle, Tom Clancy’s Power and Empire, Anathem, Midnight Fugue 

Autobiographies/ Memoirs: The Untold Story of Kasturba, Wife of Mahatma Gandhi

Footfalls in Memory ?, Charles Saatchi , A Weight off my Mind 

Literary ClassicsThe Red Pony, Animal Farm,, The Emigrants 

Health & Nutrition: The Sinatra Solution, Spark 

Business: For the People of this Planet 


Surprise dad with a Candle Making Workshop

On the 3rd of July, Thrift for Good will be running a Candle Making Workshop in partnership with Innara. Grab your dads along for this unique fun-filled activity. Spend some bonding time together while creating your own personalised candles. 

Candle Making Innara

This workshop embodies sustainability and you will be using pure soy wax as well as repurposed and upcycled materials. The scents used are also phthalate-free. This environmentally-friendly experience will give you and dad something to smile about for days to come! 

Limited spots available so hurry! Sign up here.

P.S. Mom might be jealous. Why not invite her along?

Take Dad on an adventure 

For an idea guaranteed to surprise dad and excite him off his feet (literally), take a look at Gulf for Good. Imagine the adventure of a lifetime trekking through Kyrgyzstan or the Everest with your good old pal by your side. It might be physically demanding, yes, but you and pops can train together in the days leading up to it. Gulf for Good offers free, weekly training sessions to prepare the both of you and there is no better way to bond than by achieving such milestones together.

Gulf For Good

(Photo: Gulf for Good)

There is still time left before Father’s Day ends. Whether you are on time or not, it is not the only day to show our amazing dads appreciation. It is better late than never! We hope you and your pops enjoy this list of ideas and a Happy Father’s Day from all of us at Thrift for Good! 

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