New Year, Old Clothes!

This week Rhea Bhatnagar talks about celebrating a New Year and old clothes! Rhea is an undergraduate Economics student who is passionate about the environment and animal rights. She enjoys spending her free time creating digital art, reading, and volunteering at local charities.

2020 has been nothing short of unprecedented. It was a year of many things – quarantining, protests, elections, but most of all, it was a year of self-reflection. Although the year was a brutal one, it reminded me of the impact all of us have on others. From eating more plant-based foods to not wearing a mask, every little action we take has a rippling effect on those around us. And this effect should not be overlooked when it comes to our choice of clothing.

Our constant desire to buy new clothes coupled with the reluctance to wear old ones, has an immense negative impact on the environment. Not only does the fashion industry contribute largely to greenhouse gas emissions and water depletion, but millions of innocent animals are also used for leather and fur each year. By choosing to buy thrifted clothes, we can help slow down this destructive production cycle, and reduce the wastage of resources.

Thrift stores like Thrift for Good have trendy clothes that help you stay on top of your game while living sustainably. A lot of the clothes donated to thrift stores are untouched, and some of them even have their tags intact! And if that’s not enough to convince you, thrift stores are more budget friendly than most fast fashion shops, and you never know what kind of treasures you might stumble across. So, if there is one new year’s resolution you take in 2021, it should be to opt for second-hand fashion. I know I will.

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