Quick Fire Questions With…. Green Footprint
We are proud to partner with GreenFootprint.ae to promote sustainable solutions for consumers in the UAE. Whether you are looking for a sustainable café, an eco-product, or how to dispose of waste properly, GreenFootprint.ae is your one-stop destination. GreenFootprint.ae is a digital sustainable city guide, community hub for positive impacts, and sustainability advisory. 

We sat down with Jelena, who is the founder, to talk more about Green Footprint and its journey.

Green Footprint

1. Tell us about the Green Footprint journey - when did you start the business and what was the reason for creating this platform?

I was working with big corporations covering global market for the last 13 years. Since 2017, I've started focusing more and more on sustainability. I lived in Paris when the Paris Agreement took place. I remember the city collapsing because of the traffic jam, as delegations from all over the world joined together to address the climate issues. Once I moved to the UAE in 2019, it was clear that sustainability is a key focus for the nation. So I decided to start my own sustainability consultancy in 2020.

Prior to the pandemic, I got a project with the UAE government that revolved around the National Agenda's goal concerning waste issues. But, GreenFootprint was not an initial idea. It was a result of the pandemic - a need to adjust to a new situation and bridge the market gaps through digitalisation. It also came from a personal need as a consumer to find sustainable solutions without spending hours scouring on social media or the web. 

2. It says on your website that you are a "City Guide for Sustainable and Circular Solutions", can you tell us more about how it works?

Whether you are looking for a sustainable café, an eco-product, or how to dispose of waste properly, GreenFootprint.ae is your one-stop destination.

GreenFootprint.ae is a crowd-sourcing platform, any individual and organization can create a listing for FREE, get inspiration, education, and solutions related to sustainable living; all in effort to engage and act for greener future.

Today, we hear more and more about the rising CO2 footprint. We wish to build a brighter future by providing consumers with this platform in order to tackle climate change issues. Our goals are to reduce waste, close the loop, and create circular eco-systems. The way to do it is to address production, consumption, and waste issues, provide sustainable solutions, and create market transparency in order to educate consumers and avoid green washing.
Green Footprint

3. Why is it important to highlight sustainable and green businesses?

The way we live today is not sustainable for the generation to come.  Climate change data we've been seeing is highly concerning. Businesses have a real power to drive change, meet stakeholder demands and provide eco solutions to consumers. However, unfortunately, green washing is a serious problem in the process. This is why, we at GreenFootprint work on creating market transparency by bringing awareness and education. We provide sustainability assessments and support to businesses in order to improve their impact on the environment, economy and society.

4. What do you love about your business?

Driving systemic change, helping businesses to transform and grow sustainably, creating positive impact, enabling innovative and ethical solutions, and meeting great people. Our community leaders work in a collaborative manner with our Partners for Impact. 

5. So… What’s next for you?

We launched our Think Tank Program - A Collaborative Platform for sharing mindsets, innovative eco-friendly solutions, and closing the expertise gap. We are also working on supporting SMEs to grow through our Empowering Program. 

As a part of our Zero Waste Shopping campaign (#iambagger, #iamboxer, #iamjuggler), in collaboration with Thrift for Good, we invite all consumers to drop off and donate their reusable shopping bags, or come and pick up one for Free.



For more information do check out https://greenfootprint.ae/.

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