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What time is it? Summertime, it’s our vacation! High-five if you sang along, if not, you have to listen to this classic.

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Summer is finally here! It is that time of the year where most of us are likely to be dreaming of a vacation far far away… from the scorching heat here in Dubai! We spent our summer last year in lockdown but with travel restrictions now lifted in many countries, there are a variety of places you can choose to visit. 

Here are some of Thrift for Good’s picks for summer essentials in line with the type of holiday you are planning to have. 

(Note: The destinations mentioned below are quarantine-free for UAE residents. However, certain countries require travellers to be vaccinated. You can find out more with the links provided at the end of this blogpost.)

A Beach Getaway

Imagine dipping your toes in the sand of Seychelles, or swimming in the clear waters of Zanzibar. If you are considering a beach destination, there are a few necessities to take along with you. 

First up, your beach gear. For ladies, THE NEOD and Beach Seventy Six have a range of stylish and sustainable swimwear that include both one-pieces and bikini sets. For men, The Beach Hut Dubai sells super soft swim shorts made from 100% recycled plastic (6 plastic bottles go into each pair) plus you can also find colourful and quick-drying beach towels produced solely from recycled fabric. 

Photo: The Cabana Boracay Yellow towel from The Beach Hut

We also have our own collection of beach wear at Thrift for Good for those of us that fancy second hand fashion. Some lovely pieces we have our eyes on include the Freya Purple Beach Dress (XS) and Blue Loose Linen Vest Top (S) for a beach cover-up.

Besides swimwear, you will need a trusty beach bag for your essentials. Take a look at the cute collections from The Beach Hut or The Natural Pier. To keep your drinks and snacks cold, bring a cool bag along. You can thank us for this awesome idea later when you are sipping your icy cola under the sun! 

Photo: Ripley Beach Bag from Beach Seventy Six (The Natural Pier)

Second, don’t forget your reef-safe sunscreen. SunKiss offers a series of environmentally friendly sunscreens and other sun tanning and aftercare products. Alternatively, try the Sunscreen Butter from All Good. By choosing these brands, we are protecting our marine ecosystem from the harmful chemicals that otherwise go into such products.

Photo: SunKiss

Third and for an ultimate chill time, bring along speakers to blast your favourite music. What if we told you that a natural amplifier that requires no batteries, wires or electricity exists? Mangobeat takes eco-friendly to a whole new level by creating speakers from mango wood. They come in different sizes and a variety of designs, thus you will definitely find one that suits your personality and needs!

Photo: Mangobeat 

An Active Adventure

Instead of kicking back at the beach, some of us might be considering a dynamic trip. Be it a yoga retreat in Spain or a camping expedition in the United States, we have you covered. 

The Idō Movement and NeatbyNicky sell a series of sustainable activewear and you can also find travel or cork yoga mats in the latter. Remember to bring along a mat bag to make carrying easier! 

Photo: Neat by Nicky

If conquering mountains and trekking adventures are your thing, you can find hiking gear and other essentials such as sleeping bags here. These items can get pricey, hence purchasing second hand (or sometimes even new!) from Thrift for Good saves you from burning a hole in your pocket. For camping accessories, take a look at One Good Thing

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A Sightseeing Trip

For those planning to get lost in the beautiful city of Rome or stroll and sightsee in Greece, here are some of Thrift for Good’s picks for a summer outfit that will suit both your camera and the weather. 

Photo: Mathieu Young - A young woman rides a gondola through Venice

For ladies: 

NY Collection Petite Women’s Maxi Dress (XS) 

Missguided Women’s Silky Playsuit (S)

Papaya Women’s Shirt Dress (M) 

River Island Women’s Blue Playsuit (M)

Shein Matching Red Polka Dot Top and Skirt (L) 

ZARA trafaluc white yellow floral dress (small)

For gents: 

Sacoor Brother Slim Fit Red Polo (S) 

Scotch & Soda Men’s Shorts (M)

Columbia Men’s White Hiking Shirt (M) 

Next Men’s Red T-Shirt (L)

Louis Vuitton Cotton T-Shirt with Tropical Design (XL)

As more countries open up, it is important to stay up to date with the changing rules and regulations before you travel. Some countries require travellers to be fully vaccinated before entering while others may not be completely quarantine-free. Another point to take note of is the differing requirements for PCR tests. You can make use of a personalised travel map and find out more about the specifications of each country here. For a quarantine-free travel plan, take a look at the destinations recommended in this article.

Regardless of where you choose to go, we hope you keep safe and continue adhering to COVID-19 guidelines as much as possible. Take care and have fun on your summer travels! 

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