The Confessions of an Eco Newbie!

Written by Jain Business School Intern Blogger, Pooja Agrawal.

Our last blog post discussed going green in great detail – so much so, that it prompted some questions around switching to circular fashion; a move that requires not just knowledge but a subtle understanding of aesthetic as well.

Below are some questions that an Eco Newbie may have:


  • Is it safe & hygienic to go thrift shopping? How can I wear clothes that were previously owned by someone else?

We, at Thrift for Good, fully vouch for the quality of our products. When we say that we are in the business of finding loving homes for our merchandise, we mean it. When an item of clothing or an accessory comes our way, there are a series of steps that we take before we declare it fit for sale:

We check that the item isn’t seriously damaged or stained. If it is, we upcycle this with our partners, such as who sell great quality pieces from upcycled material.

For online, we stick with listing pieces that are in good shape and have a lot of life left in them. Other items, we save for flea markets.

Corona and other germs survive on fabric for 7 to 14 hours. When we receive the items, we wait for 24 hours before we sort them. Then, what we will sell online, we send to our laundry partner, Amazeus Laundry, who sponsor the washing of every item.

When they give it back to us we photograph and catalogue the items and ensure that the item is sealed for at least 24 hours before it is delivered to its new home when purchased.

Some people can have a stigma towards second hand clothing, but it is sanitary. What counts more than whether or not it is brand new from the store is the quality of the item. What we list is in good shape. Check the comments before you buy – almost all are in perfect condition. It would be such a waste for these items to go to the landfill, and instead, you get to enjoy a significant discount on a perfect condition branded item.

We are a big believer in second chances. Whether it’s our items or more importantly the underprivileged children that our organization supports, everyone deserves them. Second chances feel good. Help environmentally conscious businesses around the world share that joy with you.


  • What if thrifting takes away from my style?


Thrifting in general is a way to find unique, one-off, and sometimes vintage pieces. Thrifting is all about having an eye for detail, and a passion for clothing – as long as you have these two in your arsenal, your thrifting experience will rarely, if ever, take away from your style.

That being said, thrifting is a gradual process. You have to ease into a lifestyle where all your clothes and accessories come from thrifting – take it one at a time – not only does this give you enough time to train your eye and develop a passion for thrifting, it also leaves you with plenty of back up options in case you don’t find what you’re looking for right away.

Like other good things in life, thrifting takes time!

(Stay tuned – we may be coming out with a blog detailing how to preserve your style and dress up like a diva even as a thrifting newbie!)


  • I haven’t been thrifting before! What if I don’t like it?


Who doesn’t like finding an awesome piece of clothing at a great price? What isn’t there to love?

We know that you will enjoy thrifting, with us or elsewhere – but the fact is that you will never know unless you try.

If nothing else, you’ll get yourself a cool story about trying something new at virtually no cost!


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