Thrifting On The Rise: Why is it good for your soul, your wallet and the planet too!

Born and raised in Slovakia, Zuzana studied Media and Cultural Studies and Design in the UK and has been enjoying the sunshine in Dubai since. You can follow Zuzana's art and sustainable living attempts on instagram

When I lived in the UK, browsing thrift shops was one of my favourite pastimes. Even on a tight budget, you could find unexpected treasures of preloved fashionable pieces. With Covid-19 and the new order of things introduced with the pandemic more and more people are searching for sustainable, purposeful and more economical ways to spend their money* - thrifting being one!

Thrift shopping seems to be on the rise in the UAE too, as many people are relocating and/or downsizing and donating their preloved items, including clothes that are often brand new with tags or in perfect condition. It offers a great alternative to high street shopping at affordable prices. It is also great for the environment. A win-win situation! If you are looking for similar options for your sustainable and conscious fashion journey here in Dubai and don’t want to compromise on looks or quality, you don’t need to go far. Here is a list of stores located in Dubai that will will cater for all your thrifting needs:

Tel: +971 4 297 6777

A boutique style thrift store with a wide range of hand selected unique designer and high-street fashion pieces, RETOLD has something for everyone. It is the answer for consumers wanting to look chic and glamorous while also making a difference with their purchase. For the convenience of their customers you can shop and browse their collections online.

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation report from 2017, the average life cycle of one garment is often just 7-10 wears. Also, less than 1% of clothes produced globally is recycled and made into new garments, ending up in landfills unnecessarily**. Making the most of our clothes, or as the RETOLD motto goes “Giving clothes a second chance of happiness!” helps reduce pressure on natural resources used for production and decreases the negative impact of fast fashion industry trends.

Thrift for Good
Tel: +971 54 522 7801

I was super excited to discover TFG! What is better than to treat yourself to a beautiful curated piece at a great price, order it from the comfort of your home with a click and have it delivered to your door in a reusable tote bag the same day!? With every purchase you also support a charitable project working to improve the lives of children around the world. You can read the back story and projects TFG supports here.

La Suite
Tel: +971 52 668 4022 / +971 54 320 3760

If you are looking for more high-end selection and have a thing for Parisian and European style, there are options for you too. Specializing in resale of premium and luxury brands, La Suite cherry picks only the best for you weekly, from brands like: IRO, Isabel Marant, Maje, Hermés, Chanel, Gucci and many more. If you are ready to step up your fashion conscious-slash- sustainable journey, they also offer a selection of items from French brands that support the eco and ethical route.

Other great alternatives for luxury brands that deserve a mention and are available to UAE based conscious shoppers are also The Closet, Garderobe and The Luxury Closet.

Hopefully this overview is helpful for you in navigating the exciting thrifting waters here in Dubai, because as consumers we really do have power. Your purchases and choices matter. Thrifting can be a great and fun way to start. So choose wisely, have fun and happy thrifting!

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