Your guide to looking and feeling great whilst working from home

For many of us, the pandemic has brought about a new style of working, where days at the office have become blended with days spent working from home. On those days where work means signing back into Zoom and lighting a desktop candle, it’s important to look the part as well as be comfortable. Here’s Thrift for Good’s guide to feeling and looking great whilst working from home. 

Calm the mind with some yoga

Spending your days at the computer and relying on trips to the kitchen as a way to stretch your legs is tedious. Balance your lifestyle and open your mind with a spot of yoga on those days off. Yoga La Vie Dubai offers 6 types of yoga classes, from Vinyasa yoga to Aerial yoga, and for all skill levels, so there’s something for everyone. Yoga improves mental clarity, enhances concentration and centers attention, why not give it a go? 

Yoga La Vie Dubai

The outfit makes the day

Just because the Zoom call only captures the top half of your outfit, doesn’t mean the rest goes to waste. If your wardrobe needs a software update, don’t let that be another thing on the to-do list. Thrift For Good has a brand new ‘work from home’ collection, perfect for those days at the computer. 

 SPLASH white basic t-shirt (XL)

SPLASH white basic t-shirt (XL)

HUI2UE Black Long Cardigan (Large)

Aline green belted dress

Topshop Women's Green A-Line Belted Dress (Small)

Little Black Dress Oasis

Oasis Little Black Dress (Small) - new with tag

Jazz up the call with this green A-line belted dress, or keep it simple with this white basic white t-shirt and cardigan outfit. Either way, best dressed goes to you! 


Good food, good mood

Hard work should be rewarded with delicious food. Here’s some food for thought: power up your mind and fill the gaps between meetings with a tasty and nutritious meal with Salad Jar. With the many options available on, you’re bound to find a combination of flavours that jumps out at you. Sweet tooth? No problem. Salad Jar also has a line of vegan treats for those down days, where cravings of sugar seem unbeatable. Don’t let hunger or lack of energy be a downer in your work day.


 Salad Jar



Take some time for yourself. This precious time spent away from the desk should be dedicated to refueling for the next week ahead. For some, this may be a movie night with your favorite snacks, a spa day with the girls, maybe even relaxing by the pool on the weekends, or it may be as simple as getting on your comfortable clothes and lazing around the house all day. Featured in Thrift for Good’s new collection are the perfect lounge clothes for your days off. 

WHISTLES Army Green Jumpsuit

WHISTLES Army Green Jumpsuit (Medium)

Thrift For Good

 Bershka Rose Comfy Kurta (XS)

 Esprit Blue Halter Dress

 Esprit Blue Halter Dress (Medium)


Light your life and your workspace

Stay on track and in good spirits with a candle burning right beside you as you work. The ‘Green Tea’ scented candle by Innara calms the mind yet sharpens mental clarity. Or perhaps the ‘Frankincense and Rain’ candle is better for your needs, with the aroma aiming to promote overall wellness and a state of peace. has a range of scented candles, all eco-friendly and contribute zero waste to the environment. Don’t miss out: stimulate your memory and create a perfect work ambience right from your desk with a simple candle.

Innara Candles


 By Maia Kantaria




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