As a volunteer run organization, the below incredible team (and many more) make all of the magic happen. If you would like to volunteer please click here.  

Jen Sault: Founder and Chief Cheerleader 

JenSThis plastic free pescatarian has her Masters in Nonprofit Leadership and Philanthropy and over 14 years of experience working with charitable organisations. Jen is passionate about the environment as well as raising funds for children’s projects and is delighted to be the rallying force behind TFG. 





Sarah Clements: Retail Manager

Ying Zhi Pao: Digital Dynamo

Pao has been in Dubai for over 8 years and was extremely excited to see a thrift store open in Dubai with affordable choices. Pao is proud to say that she’s said no to fast fashion for over a year! Pao is still working hard to move to a zero waste lifestyle but encourages everyone to start somewhere. Pao has over 9 years of experience in marketing working for brands such as Emirates Airlines, Nestle and Dubai Tourism. At TFG, Pao is in charge of social media.

Mary-Alison Irvine: Magic Maker

Mary-AlisonMary-Alison Irvine, aka the “Magic Maker”, is a long time thrift enthusiast who is passionate about helping others and spreading happiness. Mary-Alison is a Canadian who has been working in student services in universities in Dubai since 2008. At TFG she is helping out at many levels, be it sorting clothes, design, events, community or business engagement - she will help out wherever she can!



Michelle Haddrell:

My name is Michelle and I am one of the store volunteers at TFG. My husband and I relocated to the UAE on Sept 2020 and I found out about TFG by chance after seeing their stalls at one of the flea markets in Dubai. I was delighted to hear that they were planning to open a store on the Palm and knew immediately that this was going to be something special that i wanted to be part of. I joined the team in October helping with the preparations for opening day and was delighted to be an established team member by the time TFG finally opened the store doors for the first time in November . It has been a great experience for me not only allowing me to meet many wonderful fellow thrifters but also to be helping such a good cause as Gulf for Good.

Sarah Hodgson: Thrift News Operator

Sarah HodgsonSarah has been a Dubai resident for just over a year and has loved joining the TFG team and finding new ways to make her fashion habit more sustainable! Sarah manages the TFG blog, finds new partners to collaborate with, sorts donations and tackles ad hoc office administration for the team. 

Brian Seguin: Dubizzle King

BrianBrian Seguin, aka the Dubizzle King, for his online sales and relationship building skills, has always had a deep passion for helping others.  Brian is a Fraud Fighting Investigator (CFE) by trade, and helps TFG on many levels, be it collecting and/or sorting donated items, online sales, pop-ups, finding sponsors and partners for our various initiatives, selling items on Dubizzle and helping out whenever he can. An avid fisherman, Brian was involved in kids fishing initiatives in Montreal, Canada, where he was born and raised.

Redab: Creative Customer Wiz 

Redab has always been driven and passionate in making a difference in this world and is super excited to join TFG leading customer services. Redab makes sure all TFG customers are happy and love their TFG purchases.




Anushka Gandhi: Numbers Ninja

AnushkaGA finance graduate who works the numbers at TFG, Anushka has contributed to Gulf for Good’s fundraising efforts since 2018. She’s at her best chasing adrenaline while jumping off dams in Austria or volunteering for various causes here in the UAE, striving to leave the world a slightly better place than she found it. 

Anoushka Bhat: Marketing & Design Volunteer 

AnoushkaBAnoushka is a recent graduate from NYU, currently working in Brand Management. Anoushka is a huge proponent for sustainability and is always trying to do more for the planet, especially in Dubai. Anoushka loves design and photography and is a huge creative support for the TFG team helping with social media design alongside Pao.

 Anh Duong (Angie): Digital Marketing Intern

Angie believes that every first step needs courage and every change starts with an action. And TFG is among those pioneers to create change in the world by helping millions of children around the globe. Angie is TFG’s Digital Marketing Intern and she works to spread the spirit and message of TFG to as many people as possible.


  Laura Orlando: Photographer 

Laura has been a photographer for 5 years and vegan for 1! Laura fell in love with TFG and the work that they do to encourage others to live more sustainably and take care of the planet. Laura contributes to TFG by taking fantastic photographs!



Lee Ann: CEO of TikTok

Lee AnnLee Ann, TFG’s youngest volunteer, is in her final year of high school and wants to help the sustainable fashion industry in Dubai before leaving. She first started shopping secondhand 2 years ago at ukay-ukays and ever since, she has been obsessed with finding unique pieces whether it be online or on a holiday.  Lee Ann’s role combines two of her passions (TikTok and Thrifting) as she manages the TFG TikTok account.

Dan Harrison: Van Man and Storage Strategist 

Dan is originally from the UK and has been volunteering with TFG since June 2020. Dan’s role in the organisation is van man, and storage strategist! Dan gets your preloved items where they need to go, and loves nothing more than meeting fellow TFG advocates in the process.

Gulfran Asif: Dedicated Driver

GulfranGulfran is originally from Pakistan and has been in Dubai for the past 22 years. Gulfran helps the TFG team out enormously by delivering orders around Dubai and keeping our customers happy with their TFG parcels! 

Sam Hernandez: Former Pre-Loved Items Officer

SamHSam is Spanish and Venezuelan and has recently joined the TFG volunteer team. Sam is extremely passionate about the TFG mission as she loves to buy second-hand items and clothes to help the environment and support sustainability. Sam considers herself the Pre-Loved Items Officer as she is in charge of organising the logistics for the collection of the wonderful pre-loved items TFG receives from our donors. 

Anaihita Singh: Former Mannequin Wrangler & Odd-Job Enthusiast

AniHaving previously volunteered with environmental and children’s rights’ charities, and with an appreciation for secondhand culture developed living in the UK as a student, Ani was thrilled to discover Thrift for Good in Dubai. Ani assists with cataloguing items for our site, and helping out with other tasks as needed!

Ashima Nazar: Former Catalogue Manager


AshimaAshima was born and raised in Muscat, Oman and moved to Dubai to study fashion and design at Amity University. Ashima is the TFG Catalogue Manager and is in charge of launching the amazing products you see on the website everyday. Ashima helps to select the products and then works to photograph, catalogue and upload the items. Ashima is passionate about sustainability and TFG’s zero waste ethos. Ashima also enjoys classical dancing and the ukelele in her spare time.