Mounting Desire, by Nina Killham

Dhs. 5


Soft cover,
Condition: edges creased, aged
Genre: Romance, Fiction, Contemporary Literature

Jack Carter and Molly Desire are just housemates. There could never be anything between them - they're far too different. Aren't they?
Jack, a successful romance writer, is looking for his soulmate. Molly, a fully paid-up sexaholic, views having to lodge in Jack's house as a necessary but very temporary evil.
For a while, it looks as though they're the exception to the oldest rule in the book: the one that says opposites attract. But then Molly takes to writing her own, instantly successful, steamy romances, and Jack is furious. As the sparks start to fly, it appears there's a whole lot more to their relationship than meets the eye. But could it be that two such different housemates could really be ... soulmates?

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