Schott's Sporting, Gaming & Idling Miscellany by Ben Schott

Dhs. 5


Hard Cover
Condition: Good condition
Genre: Reference book for Sports & Outdoors

Schott's Sporting, Gaming & Idling Playing Cards will each feature a quotation which will cover the three aspects of the book and will range from David Mamet on Poker to Ernest Hemingway on what it is to be a Loser. The specially selected quotations are arranged by themes, such as: Aces winning Kings chess Queens women in sport Jacks cheating 10s defeat Who could resist buying playing cards with quotations as memorable as: 'Playing snooker gives you firm hands and helps to build up character. It is the ideal recreation for dedicated nuns' - Archbishop Luigi Barbarito 'Women never look so well as when one comes in wet and dirty from hunting.' - Robert S Surtees 'Winning doesn't really matter, as long as you win.' - Vinnie Jones



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