The Biggest Book of Bar Room Jokes by FHM

Dhs. 10


Soft Cover
Condition: Good condition
Genre: Comedy, Guide

FHM Presents The Best of Bar-Room Jokes sold over 40,000 books. People couldn't get enough of the fantastic funnies and great gags in the best joke book of the year. It was published in 2001 and Still featured in the top ten humour titles of lists all over the book trade as late as 2003. But then The Best of Bar-Room Jokes 2 came out. It too flew off the shelves and this book is destined to do the same! A huge joke book, this isn't some simple crammed-full-of-crap book like others that hang around on the shelves gathering dust and getting creased. The Biggest Book of Bar-Room Jokes is a collection of the funniest jokes ever to be put together all in the same place at one time! The usual fantastic FHM illustrations complement the jokes perfectly, all



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