The Venetian Betrayal by Steve Berry

Dhs. 5


Soft Cover
Condition: Good condition
Genre: Thrillers & Suspense, Mystery

"[Steve Berry] has a genuine feel for the factual gaps that give history its tantalizing air of the unknown."--The New York Times Book Review
After narrowly escaping incineration in a devastating fire that consumes a Danish museum, Cotton Malone--former Justice Department agent turned rare-book dealer--learns from his friend, the beguiling adventurer Cassiopeia Vitt, that the blaze was neither an accident nor an isolated incident. As part of a campaign of arson intended to mask a far more diabolical design, buildings across Europe are being devoured by infernos of unnatural strength. Born from the ashes is a new Eastern European nation whose ruthless leader will soon draw Cotton into an intense geopolitical chess game against a shadowy cabal of power brokers.

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