Where I lived and What I Lived For by Henry David Thoreau

Dhs. 10


Soft Cover,
Condition: Slightly worn
Genre: Biography

To Live Deliberately is our visual reimagining of Thoreau's most well-known essay, Where I Lived and What I Lived For. Accompanied by 30 illustrations, the essay challenges the trappings of modern living and embraces an ascetic rejection of the material and the trivial in exchange for a reconnection with nature as a path toward self-discovery.
We judiciously edited Thoreau's essay to avoid any unnecessarily confusing news references, and were amazed to discover that not only does this manifesto otherwise hold up, but it also feels surprisingly modern and more relevant than ever. Thoreau's rejection of news as largely gossip, and the obsession with travel and railroads as idle self-indulgence, bear a sobering resemblance to our modern preoccupation with social media and internet surfing. In both instances, the impulse to seek distraction is the same.



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