Under IACAD approval, Thrift for Good donates 100% of its profits to the children’s charity projects of Gulf for Good, which is a registered non-profit organisation under the International Humanitarian City. In order to achieve our goal of raising funds to help children in the form of education, healthcare, and housing, we are always looking to reduce our running costs.

We have many different ways that your time and sponsorship can help:
1. Financial Sponsorship (from AED6,000-60,000 per month) - please see tiers below
2. In-Kind Sponsorship to offset our costs
3. Volunteer Team Bonding Days (from AED1000 per day)
4. Group Clothing Drives
5. Lunch & Learn (AED500 contribution)

Platinum Tier = AED 60k per month sponsorship
What this will cover:

    10 full time and 2 part time dedicated staff members

    To reduce costs, our team is primarily made up of volunteers. However, we have a wonderful paid team of skeleton staff to keep us operational and growing.

    Covering these salaries is our biggest monthly overhead and sponsorship towards this would alleviate a lot of the pressure as well as enable us to contribute a bigger portion of the funds raised to the chosen charities we sponsor.


    Gold Tier = AED 35k per month sponsorship

    What this will cover:

  • Monthly Rental for both our Palm Jumeirah and Times Square Center store

  • Having our 2 retail stores enables us to engage with the public and our corporates, ensuring there is a constant in-flow of clothing donations, sales of which help us raise our much needed funds. The stores do have monthly rental fees, our second biggest monthly expense, which if contributed towards, would help us to donate that much more to our organisations.


    Silver Tier = AED 15k per month
    What this will cover:

      Insurance Costs
    • Legal fees
    • Utility costs
    • Insurance for our staff, public liability, legal fees and monthly utilities are crucial to keep our stores running and any financial assistance here would go a long way to lessening the monthly load on our finances.


      Bronze Tier = AED 6k per month
      What this will cover:

        General Supplies
      • Shipping Costs
      • Banking Services
      • Stationery and Marketing

      • Our day to day running costs are equally as important as the rest. General supplies, shipping costs for our online store, banking services, stationery and marketing fall into this category.  Again, any assistance here would ensure we can contribute a bigger amount of money to the organisations we support.

        A dollar saved is a dollar earned. Just as valuable as financial sponsorship, if your company can offer any of the services below free of charge, you will get the benefits of a financial sponsor without the monetary costs.
        Our current needs include: 
        • Marketing and/or PR support
        • Graphic design
        • Web design
        • SEO/SEM
        • Fire system maintenance 
        • Printing
        • Insurance for stores (property all risk, business continuity, worker liability, & public liability), staff health, and/or motor vehicle
        • Facility maintenance on a needs basis
        • Utilities
        • Volunteer benefits (% discount on your products/services, sponsored lunches, other)
        • Laptops/mobile phones
        • Supplies

        A great team bonding activity, up to 10 staff members at a time can take over our Palm Jumeirah branch, helping with sorting donations, stocking and running the store. We ask for sponsorship of AED 1000 per day to cover the costs of facilitating this day or alternatively, to further motivate your team, a “match the day sales” contribution (our daily sales range from 1500-3000AED on weekdays and up to AED5000 on weekends).


        It doesn't take a lot of clothing to make a big difference... You can organize for your team to declutter for a cause!

        It is as easy as centralizing a place in your office where people can drop off their items and arranging delivery to our Palm Jumeirah branch. We will provide you with an impact certificate in return (an example can be seen here), reporting on the difference your team is making through their combined efforts.


        Any condition clothing, bags, shoes, accessories and books. We sell the perfect quality items in store, repair/stain treat the less than perfect, clear at a discount at flea market and get paid per kg to recycle the end of life items in partnership with Kiswa.


        As we rely on volunteers to sort donations, it helps if items are washed and folded before they are donated. Also, if any end of life items can be placed in a separate labelled bag, it saves us going through your dirty hole-y socks and underwear!

        Download our PDF guidelines here

        Please note that private clothing drives are permissible but public ones require prior fundraising approval which can take 3+ months to acquire the appropriate permits. 



        Have old technology hanging about your office or are you doing an upgrade and want to clear out? Please contribute to us - we will collect, sell your technology and donate 100% of the proceeds to children's charity projects.

        Learn more here

        6. LUNCH AND LEARN

        Gather your team during their lunch break to learn more about sustainability in fashion, our work, and how they can help as individuals.

        We request a contribution of AED500 towards our work to organize this event.

        We value our partners and are also open to ideas for collaborations. 

        To coordinate any of the above or discuss other potential collaborations, please be in touch with Jade Povey, our Community Engagement Manager on jade@thriftforgood.org / 058 572 6686


        Some companies we have worked with in the past:

        • Emirates NBD
        • Mace Macro
        • McKinsey & Company
        • Nielsen
        • Price Waterhouse Coopers
        • Apparel Group
        • Sojern
        • DHL
        • Sanofi
        • Rotaract
        • Greenstone Equity Partners
        • Pinsent Masons
        • Huxley
        • Kerry
        • and more...