In Conversation with THE NEOD

This week we are so excited here at Thrift for Good to chat to Founder and CEO of THE NEOD Zoé Gourdon. Find more about the sustainable swimwear brand here. Zoé Gourdon will also be at our Thrift for Good pop up on Friday 12th March. Click here for more details. 


What is THE NEOD and when did it start?

THE NEOD, from the Latin word ‘neo’ means a renewal, a fresh start. THE NEOD is a UAE based brand born in 2020 while the world was ever changing. We have started THE NEOD adventure with an Ethical & Sustainable Swimwear line supporting the slow fashion movement, which is aiming to tackle today’s fashion industry practices and pollution. We realised we could make a considerable change and all that we needed to do was to act right away - “every change starts by changing yourself”. We wanted to focus more on ethical fashion using the highest luxury eco-friendly fabrics for an affordable price, and offer staple pieces to ensure that years down the line, our swimwear is still durable and in style. Also, we donate 1% of our profits to Friends of Cancer Patients for the early detection of cancer, research and patient’s treatment.

In a few words, we are Sustainable, Ethical, Honest and Informative.

Tell us more about your products and how they are made

All of the premium swimwear is created with the highest luxury, eco-friendly Italian fabrics. With the empowerment of the ECONYL® Reclaiming Program, and the Healthy Seas project, all of the swimsuits fabrics are constructed from post, and pre-consumer waste such as fishing nets, fluff, industrial plastic and yarn discards that are collected by coastal communities across the world. The waste is then made into the ECONYL® yarns in Italy to create the highest quality sustainable techno fabrics that can be regenerated endless times, preserving the same quality and offering a strong and long lasting swimsuit. After establishing the designs with the help of our ethical manufacturing factory in Bali, the products are meticulously handmade by qualified tailors and go through several quality checks ensuring that our customers will receive the best quality product down the line. It is very important to us that every person involved in the production chain is receiving fair wages and is well cared for.


What do you love about your business?

I love every bit of this new eco-friendly journey as it brings a immensurable feeling to be working in alignment with my personal values and convictions.

Designing the products, developing a website and social medias, meeting other inspiring entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, seeing happy customers and most of all to be part of a greater purpose, to push the conscious movement, is all I could ever dream for.


Why is it important to highlight the production of ethical and sustainable products and brands?

Sustainable products and brands are definitely going the extra mile by researching new ways of offering products that are respectful of the environment, and are actively helping to reverse the damage already done to our oceans, lands, our planet. I deeply believe in this noble cause that is the one-way forward to ensure our generation and the next still enjoys the earth's natural resources and wonders.


What is a regular day in the life of THE NEOD founder?

I have a quick breakfast, check orders and fulfill them, and then check emails and social media posts. I then check on boutiques replenishments needs. Importantly I need to feed my cat ndlr! But mostly, all days are different from one another with occasional photo-shooting organization or attending local markets like the Palm Pop-up! I like to break the routine by drawing (secretly preparing next swimsuits styles), visiting art exhibitions or exercising!

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